Monday, January 31, 2011

My Grace is Sufficient

Over the years I have had a few people try and encourage me by telling me that "it takes special people to be a parent of a special needs child".  The conversation would usually also include some like, "Beauty is how God created her to be and He has a reason for her disabilities and a purpose for her. He doesn't make mistakes". 

True, God doesn't make mistakes.  But once upon a time, a lady named Eve chose to believe a lying serpent and disobeyed God, and then her husband Adam soon followed suit.  The world was forever changed.  What God created was perfect. He did not create sin, man did that.  Because of this, death, distress, sickness and all kinds of horrible things entered into the world. 

That is why I don't agree with the well-intentioned encouragers mentioned above.  I don't believe God made Beauty the way she is.  He is not the God of chaos;and I do not believe He purposed her for a life of ridicule, misunderstandings, and confusion. Every single one of us is born with a sinful nature, this is a gift from Adam, not from God.  I don't believe He wishes anything but perfection (as was His original creation) on any thing/one.  I don't believe it is "His will" that anyone be mentally disabled or born with a physical disability or any of it. We live in a fallen world.  That is why there is death, illness, poverty and every other trouble you can think of.

Having said that, I DO believe that God can use even the most vile, and weak, for good.  Even though Adam and Eve slapped Him in the face and ruined His perfect creation, He still made provision for mankind.  He came to earth, lowered Himself to our level...and died.  For us. So that we may live.  In His time, God's creation will return to its intended glory, made possible by Jesus.

Take a look at two major wars from the last century.  World War One prepared the land for the people (the Jews) and World War Two prepared the people for the land.  As absolutely horrendous as the halocaust was, God was still able to use it for the ultimate good.  After 2000 years of being "exiled", the Jews once again became their own nation in 1948.  This was a fullfillment of prophecy.  God can take any situation and use it.  He can use anyone, whether they believe or not.  History is full of examples, though I am sure at the time it was not apparent to those living it.  Just like we might not be able to see the good in our tragedy, we can rest assured that "all things work together for good, to those who love God, who are called according to His purpose" (Romans 8:28)

I know that God can, is and will use Beauty for a good not yet apparent to me.  In fact, I may never live to see all the good, but I know it is there.  I am thankful that He is allowing me to sneak a glimpse of His goodness, where Beauty is concerned.  I can see how He is using it to refine my character, to mold me into the woman He has purposed me to be.  Through Beauty I am learning trust, contentment and patience for starters.  I know He is doing a similar work in the hubs.  While we are ultimately responsible for our own decisions, when we turn our lives over to God, He will work His goodness out in our lives.  And He can even use an unbeliever to work out good for His children.

God may not have "made" Beauty the way she is, but in His infinite wisdom knew she would be this way and has it all planned out how to use her for the ultimate good that only He can fathom. After all, didn't He tell Paul, "...My strength is made perfect in weakness" ( 2 Corin. 12: 9)? That, my dear friends, is the most comforting thought of all.

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