Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Don’t Learn This In Public School….

Well, at least certainly not in first grade!

Our refrigerator has been leaking on the inside, so we had a repair man come out today to fix it.  It had frozen up inside one of the drains.

He was a super nice man and even asked Lana to help, which of course she did.  She helped dispose of the ice that had accumulated under the bottom panel of the freezer, held the blow dryer to thaw everything out and then screwed the panel back in place.  The only thing she didn’t help with was the installing of the heat probe.  She really enjoyed herself, and the man (a grandfatherly type) seemed to tickled at her helpfulness.  He was surprised at how well she used the screwdriver; which came to no surprise to me cause she’s been taking things apart for years.

Anyway, just another example of teachable moments in everyday life.



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