Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kentucky Horse Park

Beauty has developed a recent interest in horses.  Since we live just 45 minutes from the horse capital of the world, we decided to take advantage of Dad being off and take a little field trip to the Kentucky Horse Park.


Beauty was hoping to have a pony ride, but it had rained this morning so they were not giving any rides today.  She was okay with it, since she got to pet the ponies anyway.

106_3677  106_3679106_3678106_3680106_3681The brown pony in this pic was mean.  I guess it thought we had feed, cause it kept nipping at the white pony, trying to run it off.

106_3683106_3685Buck was content to just ride in his stroller.

106_3686 106_3688106_3691

Though it was a little drizzly, we had a fun day.

BTW-Dad had to take a pic of this old Dodge.   We aren’t fans of Dodge, but he loves antique trucks and this one was nice.


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