Friday, September 23, 2011

A Good Night’s Sleep

is so important.  I keep telling myself that.  GOD keeps telling me that.  Yet, I still have a very difficult time achieving one.  I am always so much more productive the whole day when I arise early, before Beauty, and start the day off right.  But, I still have a difficult time going to sleep.  Either my mind is busy with planning projects, or just nonsense, or my body cannot relax and get comfortable.imagesCAXYU56W  Image credit

It is imperative that I awaken before Beauty, instead of the same time as she;  and I cannot expect her to play quietly in her room if I am feeling bad and need to rest a few more minutes.  We’ve already had to install special locks in case she decides she wants to go outside without my knowing.  Now this week we’ve also had to secure the windows so that she cannot adventure out through them.  When she decides she wants to do something, she finds a way.  At least now she cannot “sneak” outside….the process of getting out would be way too noisy.

I recently read a very helpful article over at Time-Warp Wife that pertains to getting a good night’s rest.  Here are Darlene’s 12 tips for waking up refreshed:

  1. Cut back on the caffeine the night before so you get quality sleep. Avoid coffee, cola, and chocolate.
  2. Go to bed early the night before. Even if you don't feel tired, your body will get used to the time that you set it to.
  3. Train your body to get used to a sleeping schedule. The average person needs six to seven hours of sleep each night, but more importantly, our bodies crave routine.
  4. Clean the kitchen the night before so that it's a welcoming site in the morning.
  5. Don't got to bed angry or irritated. If you are quarreling with your spouse, work it out before hitting the sack. If you are angry with a co-worker or friend, let go of the anger and hurt. Don't let it fester overnight.
  6. Don't overeat the night before or your stomach will be at work all night.
  7. Wake up as soon as the alarm rings. Sit up immediately, then stand. Don't hit the snooze button or you'll only form a habit that's hard to break.
  8. Greet your family with a smile and say something encouraging.
  9. Start the day with prayer and scripture.
  10. Make a schedule for the day including things that you will look forward to.
  11. Get moving as soon as you can. Rather than reclining on the couch watching the news with your morning coffee, throw some laundry in, do some vacuuming, or go for a brisk walk. A little exercise will kick start your day.
  12. Eat a healthy breakfast. Studies show that children who eat a good breakfast get better grades. My own personal studies (based on a survey of one person) show that moms who eat a good breakfast do quality housework and are less cranky throughout the day! :)

These are some great tips aren’t they?  Now if I only I would implement them! 

What are some things you do to prepare yourself for bed and to make sure you begin the day properly?

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Kelli said...

Oh I hope you find a way to make it work for you. I am with you, I absolutely need to be up before my kids, so I can spend the time with God before I spend it with them, or it's NOT pretty!