Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rearranging the Schedule

I’ve been away from posting for far too long, I know.  We are adjusting to a new schedule, so blogging has taken a back burner.

Buck is now officially in a true big boy bed.  His crib was just not working anymore and had to be pitched for safety reasons.  His new sleeping arrangements have meant a new sleeping schedule….not by my choice, I might add!  Whereas before he would sleep until 9:30 or even sometimes 10 am, he is now standing at the baby gate at his door cheerfully shouting “Hi-dee” no later than 7:30 every morning.

This has forced me to rearrange my own schedule, as well as the school schedule.  Before, I would get most of my house work done either before he woke up or real late at night.  Now I have no choice but to go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier.  House work no longer gets done of the early mornings or late at night.  So last week we changed our school schedule from being spread out all day, to finishing up by lunch.  The afternoon then is reserved for chores, playing and book reading (and maybe a nap).

Actually, this is just what I needed I think.  We needed a stricter school schedule.  Giving Beauty sensory breaks every half hour or so worked wonderfully for a while, but now she needs to learn more discipline and the value of hard work.

On a side note, take a look at the gorgeous sunset Hubs captured this evening.  This is behind our house.

October Sunset

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