Friday, September 23, 2011

A Fall Featured Friday

Ooops!  I forgot to post a Feature Friday last week!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful first day of Autumn!

Most of our trees were killed in recent ice storms, so we don’t have any leaves to rake up and jump into, but I wish we did.  That was always my favorite thing to do as a kid.images


I can still enjoy nature excursions and drives to see the beautiful change in leaves.  My favorite leaf color is bright red,


or maybe orange….it’s a toss up! Smile



This week’s features are all about fall!


**Check out Listen to my words with your Heart  for today’s Featured Blog!  She’s posted a fun craft,  which the kids will present later in this post.


To me, one of the greatest things about autumn is the warm comfort food that accompanies colder weather.

It is raining and chilly in the Bluegrass today, the perfect beginning to such a fabulous season if you ask me, so I pulled out the ol’ roasting pan for some stick-to-your-ribs yumminess.

Pork Roast with veggies:


1lb of pork roast: place in roasting or deep baking pan with 1/2 C water.

Arrange potatoes (I used red), baby carrots, celery and onions around pork in pan.

Mix 2 cups beef broth with 1 C of flour and stir. Add salt/pepper to taste.

Pour broth over pork and veggies.

Bake at 350 for 3-4 hours (I baked for 3 hours).  I checked it at 2 hours to see if I wanted to add any more broth. 

Very easy and very tasty!


Autumn also means harvest time!  Kimmy from Living for Today has a wonderful recipe for canning your own grape juice.   I’d never heard of anyone CANNING their own grape juice before, but it makes perfect sense.  Check out this week’s FEATURED POST to learn how!


Now for the fun stuff that only a grandma (or Mama Jean) could appreciate-pics of the kids’ fall craft!

106_3694106_3695Buck had minimal help from Mama.


What are some things you are doing to celebrate this time of year?


LeAnn said...

We are having a really lovely fall where we are living. I love this time of years. I love the fall colors of trees. Thanks for your thoughts and pictures today.
Just keep on enjoying the moments!
LeAnn @ Living Waters

Arie Uittenbogaard said...

Wow, I can't wait for it to be Christmas, just to see whatyou'll put together. Here (I'm in Serbia) it's still almost 30 degrees, but the evenings are getting cooler...