Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

IMG_2471Christmas Eve began at Memama’s house. 



IMG_2468Tess and Myree

IMG_2462Uncle Mike

IMG_2473Miss Em and Buck


IMG_2465Trying to sneak a Pepsi

108_3971Then on to Mama Jean and Grandaddy’s. Here is Grandaddy fixing his egg/sausage casserole. It’s a tradition.

108_3975Aunt Stacey showing off her Christmas sweater.  It’s a running joke.

108_3980Buck got a new pair of cowboy boots. 

108_3981He’s so proud of them!



108_3987This is what Beauty’s been asking for for months.

108_3988108_3991 Opening their stockings on Christmas morning.108_3990

108_3992Beauty playing with her playdough dentist  kit.

108_3993Give them a good cleaning!

108_3995Buck loves his big remote controlled truck.

108_3996What could it be?

108_3998108_3999Play time at last!

As usual, God blessed us abundantly and it was a wonderful Christmas.

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