Monday, December 26, 2011

We’ll Never Make the Tour of Homes

nor will we ever be featured in Home and Garden and our home will certainly never receive praise from Martha Stewart.  But that’s okay.
When you walk into our home, hopefully you’ll see more than just a family who lives on a tight budget.  You’ll see that kids do indeed LIVE here.  Watch out or you might slip on a stray Hot Wheel.  Their toys are not confined to the closets and shelves in their own bedrooms.  We live in this home. These walls hear the laughter (and sometimes bickering) of little voices.  The floors echo the pitter patter of little feet.  Our kitchen table may be disguised as a secret cave, covered by blankets.  Our kitchen walls?  They may be mistaken for a kindergarten classroom. That is what they are after all.  Books, and brightly colored posters abound. This is where little ones learn. And grow.  Yes, the wall paper in the hall may have a few strips missing here and there.  Little fingers just couldn’t resist the urge to pick and peel the edges.  I’ve decided that’s okay.  We needed to replace it anyway. Someday. You may discover the kitchen floor is a little sticky when you walk.  That’s from where a little one spilled their juice and then tried to clean it up without asking for help or expecting mama to do it.  Our furniture is,  well, loved. They are functional at best.  We live in this home.  We learn and love in this home.  Constant cleaning and decorating and saying “No don’t touch that” or “don’t mess up your bed” takes away from the precious moments of learning and loving.
One day I may have a designer home. Spotless. Stylish. No unknown funky smells. And pretty walls. But I hope that day takes forever to get here, for it will mean that THESE days…days of learning, discovery, giggles and hugs…would have passed away. 
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Pamela said...

And what will your children remember? Not that their home was "lived in" but that they were permitted to play on the floors, to be creative on the tables and that books were precious and knowledge desirable. I have a feeling they will also be aware that their most precious guest was the Lord Himself.

Enjoy those giggles!

Emily :) said...

I love this! I have to constantly remind myself that it is ok if my house is not spotless and that my time is more important than tidiness. Thanks for sharing!