Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Autism Team

If you have a child on the autism spectrum, you may have already joined My Autism Teamdczz, a social forum for parents, caregivers and professionals of autistic  children.  If not, let me suggest you register! 

Beauty has been seen by two separate panels of specialists and they both diagnosed her with MR and assured me she was not autistic.  However, a school psychologist told me children with MR often exhibit autistic characteristics.  I joined up with My Autism Team, revealing Beauty’s official diagnosis as non-autistic, but they welcomed me with open arms anyway.  Beauty’s tendency toward autistic behavior is so strong, that I was given the impression that many of my new friends think she has been misdiagnosed.  I do too, at least partially misdiagnosed.  I can not deny the MR diagnosis.  I am her mother as well as her primary teacher.  I can not argue with the fact that we have spent the last four years on basically the same material (and it isn’t from lack of trying, or neglect).  However, she also has several “smaller” diagnoses in addition to the MR:  expressive/receptive language disorder, poor muscle tone and ADHD.  Personally, I think she falls under the spectrum as well.  The similarities are too great and too consistent.  We were told Beauty’s eye contact and overall friendliness are too strong to “qualify” her as autistic, but I’ve learned there are many children on the spectrum with excellent eye contact and are very friendly. 

It makes no real difference to me what the experts say; what her diagnosis is.  She is who she is.  I am just thankful for this resource of parents with similar struggles.  It helps me remember I am not alone and also provides me with  the support I need as a mom of a very special little girl.

If you have a special needs child and are needing that extra support or a venue in which you can voice your frustrations and cheers among people who KNOW what you are going through, then I suggest you visit My Autism Team and sign up now.  It’s free, but the support/encouragement it offers is PRICELESS.


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MomsAutismView said...

What a wonderful site. I am glad I too found it. :0)