Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre-Resolution List

I always love the new start a new year brings and usually make at least mental resolutions even if I don’t announce them.  I usually don’t announce them cause, well, I know ME and the likely hood I won’t keep them. Smile  My self-reflection has begun earlier than usual this year and I want to make a few notes about the changes I would like to make. 

First of all, it would be pointless for me to even begin if I did not immediately surrender all my intentions and plans to God.  So, I do.

Here’s the semi-official list:

More quiet time with God.  It seems lately the kids’ eyes pop open the minute my feet hit the floor, so prayer time and devotional usually happens with them chaotically fluttering about.

Incorporate more Whole Foods into our diet.  Much more.  As the mother of a special needs daughter, one would think I had jumped on that band wagon years ago.  I have not, but now have one foot up in the air ready to heave myself onto the wagon of “limited processed foods”.  I am not naïve or foolish enough to think we can make a complete transition to no processed foods at all.  They seem nearly unavoidable, and let’s face it, sometimes convenience wins the meal-time war.  I do want to make the effort to serve more fresh fruits and vegetables, or at least  frozen, so we may reap the nutritional benefits.  I KNOW that I know that I know that the benefits are many and we’d all FEEL so much better if I just take the time to prepare nutritious well-rounded meals. 

Drink More Water. And no, sweet tea is not the same thing. Duh.

Play. Lately my idea of a good time is to be curled up with a book. While that will always be among my favorite pastimes, it is a solitary one that has does not offer the relational and physical benefits that acting silly or DOING something fun provides.

Time-Management. So that my days are more productive and I don’t work myself to death one day a week to make up all of the neglected house work.

Simply. Must. Practice. Self. Discipline. This is a biggie and none of the other goals can be achieved without it.  It covers a broad range of areas in which I must control myself: what I think; what I say; how I spend; how I teach; how I train;how I spend my free-time; how I manage household chores.  Every facet of my life basically.  (Lord, I really need help with this one!)

Have you begun your resolution list?  If so, I’d love to know what’s on it!


Joelle said...

This looks like my 2012 resolution list and you sound just like me when it comes to announcing these resolutions. I too tend to spread the word and then I don't follow through. I keep thinking that maybe if I don't announce I will be successful. Maybe wishful thinking but its worth a try. I wish you luck with your list. I know it is difficult to spend time working on us when there are children to care for.

I hope you post your successes and failures. It will be nice to have someone to work on these items with.

D L McCarragher said...

Great post Marcia. Many of your resolutions are indeed mine! Ever since my husband retired (2 yrs now) I have struggled with my quiet time. I've had to be inventive and carve out time for prayer & devotionals at all times of the day. It is sometimes unsettling - but I persevere! We all have ups and downs with our commitments. God sees our hearts - and that keeps me going and focused on Him...

New Years blessings to you!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Self discipline is the big one we all face, and you are right, everything revolves around that virtue (or lack of it). My dear sister says she has lots of will power, just not enough won't power. I need a mix of both!

Happy New Year!