Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Mama Is So Proud

On Sunday, December 18th, Beauty was in her very first Christmas play. She did not have any lines, but sang in the choir.  She could not read the words, but held her choir book proudly and belted out the songs from memory.  She did so well!

Those of you who have a child with significant learning challenges can appreciate what I am saying.  She stood still, during a scene where she needed to be seated while Luke 2 was read, she sat still.  She announced her name at the end during the cast introductions.  She was wonderful.

379128_10150422556247051_579812050_9026600_1176759726_n Here she is, to the right and behind the guy with the beard (who happens to be my brother-in-law).

I am so proud of her!

Looks like it may run in the family- during the choir’s concert, Buck ran out of the pew and up on stage and stood next to his sister. He turned to the audience and said “Hidee!”  He’s a ham.

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