Saturday, April 3, 2010

A nice evening

It was really nice to get out of the house and attend the book signing by Harlan Coben.  I was delighted to see such a big turnout as well.  I found it very encouraging to see that there are still people who read actual books!  In this age of the internet, instant gratification and rushing about, I was afraid that too many people were forgetting to just be still and read. For enjoyment. 

I married into a family that, as far as I can tell, never reads for pleasure.  My own sweet husband doesn't pick up anything (other than a Bible) if it isn't atleast 50% pictures.  Evidently, he was not raised in a reading home; it's just not their thing.  So, it was nice to endulge in something I enjoy for a change.  Even if I did have to do it alone.

I found Mr. Coben to be very witty and engaging.  He spoke for a few moments, took some questions and then proceeded with the book signing.  I was also impressed by the potpourri of attendees.  Nearly all age groups were present, ranging from a man in his eighties to teenagers.  I had never heard of Harlan Coben until one day, in the mood for something fictional to read, I purchased his book Hold Tight at Wal-mart.
I immediately became hooked.  Evidently he has that affect on lots of people, for the audience tonight adored him.

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