Tuesday, October 5, 2010

She is her great-grandmother’s…..

My mom’s mom, who we tenderly call Memama, is the seamstress in the family.  She was making doll clothes at the age of ten.  I have not been very successful at sewing, but I am learning.  Anyway, tonight I happened to catch Helana hard at work in the kitchen.  She had found a needle and thread, threaded the needle, and was busy sewing up the ripped seam in her old Snow White dress.  Of course, I let her continue.  She did a pretty good job too!    One thing about Helana: when she makes up her mind she wants to do something, she does it.



As for Eastwood!  Well, he may not be walking yet but he has begun to climb!  Here he is trying to stand up on Dad’s cooler so he can reach the kitchen table.



Mom of Many said...

Way to go Helana! She's doing better than I am. I can't do anything with my sewing until I order the manual I hope I found online. So wish sewing was a talent I had that came natural.

Marcia said...

Me too!